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We are a group of programming language researchers who study topics about functional language design, type theory, compilers and program analysis.
The University of Hong Kong

On the Expressive Power of Disjoint Polymorphism


Type systems with disjoint intersection types and disjoint polymorphism have been recently proposed together with several applications. However the relationship to other polymorphic type systems is unclear. In particular row polymorphism (state-of-the art for extensible records) and bounded quantification (the de facto current standard for languages integrating subtyping and polymorphism).

This talk shows that Fi+ (a type system with disjoint polymorhism and disjoint intersection types) can encode programs written in two other calculi: one calculus with bounded quantification, known as System F<:; and one calculus with row polymorphism. We show that the elaboration retains key desirable properties, such as type-safety and decidability of the type system. All the formalizations have been mechanically formalized in the Coq theorem prover.